Being of Service in OSPA

Business Meetings and Intergroup

Being of service is one of the most important tools in our recovery program. Making a service commitment keeps us coming back and helps us to remain abstinent and grow in recovery.

Being of Service in OSPA

Service can include attending weekly OSPA recovery meetings, attending business meetings, holding a meeting service position such as Meeting Moderator (adds people to the Skype calls), Meeting Leader, Secretary, or Treasurer, or reaching out to newcomers for encouragement and support. Service may also include being a Sponsor and a Sponsee.

Maintaining our own personal abstinence is a fundamental act of service – it offers hope to the newcomer that abstinence is possible.

OSPA Business Meetings

Each OSPA recovery meeting holds a business meeting to suggest meeting changes and vote on motions to support the meeting. Ask at your weekly recovery meeting for the date and time of that meeting's next business meeting.

OSPA Intergroup Meetings

OSPA members from individual recovery meetings meet at an Intergroup meeting to give updates about their meeting and discuss ideas to support the OSPA fellowship as a whole.

Come join us on the 1st Sunday of the Month at 12:15 PM Eastern Time for approximately 60 minutes.


Meeting Call In Number: (605) 472-5674;175945#

International Phone Numbers



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