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Are You An Obsessive Skin Picker?

The 12 Qualifying Questions of OSPA

Download a copy (pdf)

The following questions are guidelines for identifying if you might be an obsessive skin picker or a skin picking addict.

Please note “Yes” or “No” answers are not intended to provide a diagnosis or any assurance if the addiction is present.

  1. Have you ever tried to control how much you pick at your skin or how often you pick at your skin?

  2. Have you made promises to yourself or others or repeated attempts to stop picking and continually found yourself unable to do so?

  3. Do you feel shame, remorse, anger, or regret after picking or isolated and alienated by the aftermath and scarring?

  4. Do you feel secretive about your skin picking and go to great lengths to hide it, not wanting anyone to know or discover the behavior?

  5. Do you get euphorically “high” after picking or find yourself moody and irritable if you have to interrupt the process of picking?

  6. Are you unable to stop picking even though you know it is destructive to you, and relationships around you?

  7. Have you ever had to seek medical or dental attention as a result of your skin picking behaviors?

  8. Does your skin picking affect your home, family, friendships, personal relationships, or work?

  9. Have you ever missed important opportunities or engagements because you are unable to cover up picking wounds or scars?

  10. Do you go into a trance, disassociate, or “process” feelings or emotions when you pick?

  11. Have you picked at times or in places you never thought you would have or found yourself picking even though you really didn’t want to?

  12. Do you feel caught up in a picking cycle you cannot escape or control?

If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, we encourage you to attend a meeting to see if the program is right for you. It is suggested you attend at least 6 meetings, as each one is different in format and structure.

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