Current Intergroup Minutes

July 3, 2022

1. Open the meeting with the “we” version of the Serenity Prayer:

God, Grant us the Serenity to
Accept the things we cannot change
Courage to change the things we can
and Wisdom to know the difference.

2. Volunteer for the timekeeper: Cassidy. Give reminders at 30 minutes, then announce “time” when the meeting ends.

3. Reading of the 12 Traditions of OSPA

4. Introductions - Attendance List:

a Cassidy  (Chair, Email Support representative, and representative for Monday and Thursday meetings)

b. Felix (Saturday 3:30 China meeting representative)

c. Greg (Treasurer)

d. Isabella (Literature Committee representative)

e. Brenda (Step Study representative)

f. Amanda (Web person and temporary Secretary)

5. Last month's Meeting Minutes: Reviewed and passed with an amendment (Amanda will add that we discussed having meeting reps ask their groups if they would like OSPA funds to have their own Zoom account, as part of being self-supporting)

6. Reports

a. Treasurer - Greg (Jeannie Assistant Treasurer - to be voted on)


Opening balance for June 2022: $3,989.37

           - $  9.43 PayPal fees

- $ 14.99 Zoom monthly subscription

- $ 92.34 Hover web site services

+$ 162.00 Donations

Closing Balance for June 2022: $4034.61

b. Webmaster report - Amanda

General data from June 2022 (from

  •  295 Users  (248 New Users)

  •  577 Sessions (1.96 average sessions/user)

  •  21 Countries represented

Most visited pages (Google Analytics, “What pages do your users visit?”)

  • Meetings 31%

  • Home 28%

  • Literature 8%

  • Getting Started in OSPA 4%

  • 12 Steps of OSPA 3%

  • Are You An Obsessive Skin Picker? 3%

New page on the website: The most current minutes are now in HTML format under the Service Menu. The HTML format allows the minutes to be viewed in a clear format on any device.

​c. Tax Status Committee - Jamie (not present): No report this month.

d. Email Support - Cassidy: 1 email from a member who was part of OSPA several years ago


e. Social Media Account Moderator - vacant position 


f. Chip Representative - vacant position

g. Literature Committee - Isabella and Brenda: Ready to vote on the draft.

h. Meeting Representatives: Are any of the weekly meetings interested in receiving intergroup funds to finance a Zoom account for a year while the meetings organize to become self-supporting?

Monday 9pm ET: Not interested. Happy using

Tuesday 2pm ET: Need to ask the group.

Tuesday 11pm ET: Need to ask the group.

Wednesday 2pm ET: Need to ask the group.

Thursday 7pm ET: Yes. Interested.

Saturday 3pm China time: Need to ask the group.

Sunday 11am ET: Need to ask the group.


7. Unfinished Business

a. Discuss Literature committee updates: Committee is ready to vote on the draft.

b. Discuss social media findings and vote: Greg found guidelines for use of digital resources within a 12 step fellowship. Anonymity in the Digital World. We discussed requesting permission to use the information.

c. Make a motion to create a ‘how to’ document for creating a new meeting: Amanda made a motion to review the webpage that we already have about starting a new meeting, then make any needed adjustments. (  Discussed that with each meeting being autonomous, it may not be necessary to review. Voted and motion was carried.

  • Related — discuss copyright/intellectual property. Cassidy will reach out to Jamie about this, since it is unknown if any legal steps have been completed. Brenda shared that anything written is automatically owned by the author, but this may not apply to trademarks (such as the OSPA logo).

d. Forming a committee focused on growth of the fellowship and use of funds: We voted last month to discuss this within Intergroup so we will do this at the end of each meeting, starting today.

8. New Business

a. Literature: Isabella made a motion to make those drafts as official literature. The drafts have been reviewed by the Literature committee and Intergroup. Discussed suggestion to use the term Picking  Behaviors instead of Qualifying Behaviors. Discussed history of this term within OSPA. Literature committee reported they discussed this and they recommend using Qualifying Behaviors due to current familiarity of the term. Voted on 3 lists and self care plan documents. Motion was passed.

b. Discussed findings on which groups would like their own Zoom account. Need to continue asking each group about this.

c. Discussed planning and spending for OSPA. Decided to use the last 15 min of each Intergroup for brainstorming.


  • Ideas presented today: Pamphlets and/or business cards to share with medical professionals. Providing 6 months of funds for Zoom accounts for the meetings that would like their own account. Using SurveyMonkey to invite fellow members to share what would be helpful for them. Having these ideas brought to each group’s Business Meeting agenda. Researching technology that allows more people to provide input to Intergroup (especially for the people who cannot attend Intergroup live). Recording Intergroup meetings for others to be able to listen (possibly sharing in WhatsApp or on the website). Inviting members to share ideas by sending emails to the OSPA support email address. → Motion to announce this option in the WhatsApp group, and provide the OSPA support email. Voted and passed. Cassidy will post this in the WhatsApp chat.

9. Next Intergroup Meeting - Sunday, August 7, 2022

10. Items to be Carried Over to the Next Business Meeting

a. Vote on Treasurer position (Jeannie).

b. Discuss any new findings regarding which groups are interested in having their own Zoom account.

c. Continue brainstorming in the last 15 min of the meeting regarding strategic planning and spending for OSPA.

12. Meeting Closed at 1:17 pm EST

13. Closed the meeting with the “we” version of the Serenity Prayer:

God, Grant us the Serenity to
Accept the things we cannot change
Courage to change the things we can
and Wisdom to know the difference

The OSPA Intergroup meets on the first Sunday of every month at 12:15 pm Eastern. The meeting is scheduled for 60 minutes, and on occasion may be extended to address immediate needs of the group. Everyone is welcome to attend.