Current Intergroup Minutes

October 2, 2022

1. Open the meeting with the “we” version of the Serenity Prayer:

God, Grant us the Serenity to
Accept the things we cannot change
Courage to change the things we can
and Wisdom to know the difference.

2. Volunteer for the timekeeper: Give reminders at 30 minutes, then announce “time” when the meeting ends.

3. Reading of the 12 Traditions of OSPA

4. Introductions - Attendance List: Greg (treasurer, and acting chair for today), Jamie (tax status), Dave F (timekeeper), Brenda (step study workshop), Amanda (webmaster, acting secretary), Ryah (Literature committee)

5. Last month's Meeting Minutes: Reviewed and accepted without amendments.

6. Reports

a. Treasurer - Greg


One month:

Opening balance for September 2022: $4,200.19

 - $6.46 PayPal fees

- $ 14.99 Zoom monthly subscription

- $ 0.00 other

+$ 105.00 Donations

Closing Balance for August 2022: $4,283.74

b. Webmaster report - Amanda (with David as consultant, in absentia)


General data from September 2022 (from

  • 394 Users  (346 New Users)

  • 733 Sessions (1.86 average sessions/user)

  • 28 Countries represented

Most visited pages (Google Analytics, “What pages do your users visit?”)

  • Meetings 28%

  • Home 24%

  • Literature 8%

  • Getting Started in OSPA 5%

  • Events 3%

  • The 12 Steps of OSPA 3%

  • The Tools of OSPA 3%

  • Are You An Obsessive Skin Picker? 3%

The website has been updated with the new “Starting a New Meeting” instructions.

Edits made to time zone descriptions on the Meetings page for clarity.

Removed the page “Last Intergroup Minutes” to reduce confusion.

​c. Tax Status Committee - Jamie: 

  • Nothing to report

d. Email Support - Cassidy: 

  • 6 emails in total to the OSPA support email. One email from a nursing student that wanted to sit in on a meeting as part of a school assignment.

e. Social Media Account Moderator - vacant position 


f. Chip Representative - vacant position

g. Literature Committee - Isabella and Brenda (in absentia):  Ryah talked to Isabella, who is heading the committee. For the past two months, there were no committee meetings, but they will resume next week on October 9, 2022.

h. Meeting Representatives: Are any of the weekly meetings interested in receiving intergroup funds to finance a Zoom account for a year while the meetings organize to become self-supporting?

  • Monday 9pm ET (Cassidy) 

  • Tuesday 2pm ET: 

  • Tuesday 11pm ET: 

  • Wednesday 2pm ET: 

  • Thursday 7pm ET (Cassidy): 

  • Saturday 3pm China time (Felix): 

  • Sunday 11am ET (Clellie) 


7. Unfinished Business

a. Discuss any social media findings and guidelines for using digital resources within a 12-step fellowship. – No updates on social media.

b. Follow up on any new information regarding OSPA copyright/intellectual property.  Discuss Jamie’s findings regarding cost for professional guidance. Follow up on the suggestion to trademark the logo. – Jamie will continue to look for a lawyer to help us with copyright questions.

c. Follow up on volunteers willing to host internal OSPA workshops (Greg). – Sat. Nov. 12, 90 min workshop titled ‘OSPA around the world’ – will have speakers from different countries. Will have a panel and some breakout room discussions. Expected to happen at about noon Eastern time. There is a committee putting this together – Greg, Rebekah, and Rachael (NZ) and a few others. Greg can add others to the committee’s WhatsApp group if others are interested. Also, they are looking for a speaker from Europe. Once details are finalized, the event will be announced throughout OSPA communications channels.

d. Invite members to try being the Intergroup secretary.


8. New Business

a. Brenda – Another Step Study will be offered again in the future, possibly at the end of January 2023. However, OSPA will need volunteers to offer a Three Lists workshop and a Self Care Plan workshop between now and January 2023, because these are prerequisites to participating in the Step Study.

9. Brainstorm About Strategic Planning for Funds And Growth Of OSPA


  • Greg noted that OSPA still has an excess of a prudent reserve.

  • Discussed having a Saturday meeting based in US time, or a ‘First Friday’ meeting, dedicated to sharing about the steps. Discussed having an in-person retreat or conference – could be hosted in someone’s house or at an AirBnB. Would need to plan far in advance to allow people to purchase airline tickets. Suggestion to begin with a monthly special event with speakers or a panel discussion; this way we can assess attendance prior to planning a larger event like an in-person conference. If anyone would like to be on the committee to plan these events and/or participate in speaking, please reach out to Greg.

  • Discussed getting business cards or making a pamphlet about OSPA, for us to share with local medical professionals. The OSPA email and website could be listed, and the person handing out the card can write their personal phone number on the card. The cards could be printed in different languages.

  • In the past, OSPA had a member who would attend the conference for Trichotillomania. Suggestion to use some of the OSPA funds to send 1-2 OSPA members to such a conference, to talk with medical professionals at the organizational level. Brenda volunteered to travel to a conference for this purpose.

  • For everyone at IG today: Please ask people in meetings to do some research to see if there are any conferences (related to skin care) that OSPA could participate in.

9. Next Intergroup Meeting - Sunday, November 6, 2022

10. Items to be Carried Over to the Next Business Meeting 


a. Follow up on unfinished business and strategic planning discussions.

12. Meeting Closed at 1:00pm EST

13. Closed the meeting with the “we” version of the Serenity Prayer:

God, Grant us the Serenity to
Accept the things we cannot change
Courage to change the things we can
and Wisdom to know the difference

The OSPA Intergroup meets on the first Sunday of every month at 12:15 pm Eastern. The meeting is scheduled for 60 minutes, and on occasion may be extended to address immediate needs of the group. Everyone is welcome to attend.