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About Intergroup

What is Intergroup?

All of the OSPA meetings are connected together by the OSPA Intergroup, where individual members, representatives from groups, and Intergroup officers meet to give reports, vote on motions, and discuss ideas for OSPA as a whole. This meeting is called an Intergroup meeting.

The OSPA Intergroup meets on the first Sunday of every month at 12:15 pm Eastern. The meeting is scheduled for 60 minutes, and on occasion may be extended to address immediate needs of the group. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Meeting ID: 898 2629 7321​

Join URL:

Agendas & Minutes

Below are the recent Intergroup agendas (what scheduled to happen at the meeting) along with past minutes (what actually happened). 


Have an idea or suggestion? Use the Contact page to submit an agenda item. You must be present at the meeting for the item to be discussed.

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